May be a silly question??


8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Could you keep quail and chickens in the same area (coop and run)? I would like to add a couple quails to the mix as pets and for their eggs.. If so how much space per quail do they need? For example: 4ft/hen in coop and 10ft/hen in run.. It may be a stupid question but I am curious and cant seem to find the answer. Thanks in advance!!!
Oh ok thanks, I guess Im headed back to Lowes! How much space in their coop and run do they need per quail?
I have only owned quail for a month or so, but i read that they must be off the ground so they dont get diseases. They have to be fully enclosed so they dont fly off. Also cats love them so keep them closed up good. Good luck!
It depends on the species of quail, but for coturnix, I use a basic 1 sq. foot of floor space per bird, but more is better.
I also tend to build pens within the dimensions of wood and wire to reduce waste. Also, my arms are only so long, so I limit pens that way as well.

This is one half of a 2'x4'x12" pen. It is 2'x2'x12" , and can comfortably house 4 or so coturnix. There is another 2'x2'x12" section on the right that can house another 4 or so bords.
Is there a particular breed of quail that is friendlier or lays better eggs? The quails are going to be pets and occasional eggs. I have young kids that will want to pet them..
I like the brown Coturnix quail. They are one of the smallest quail types and they lay beautiful speckled eggs. Their eggs also take the least time to hatch.

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