May have figured out problem with first hatch..second one looks good

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Amanda31, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I am sure you all remember my posts pulling my hair out over my first hatch....I got 1 out of 12 eggs with the lavender orpingtons. Well I found a second seller on ebay that shipped me extra eggs...24 total on a 15 egg auction. I also received an email from another ebay buyer asking about my recent purchases because they were thinking about buying. They had seen some bad feedback on one and I went to check it out. The person that sold me the first batch had overall good feedback but did have one recent negative bad feedback about some eggs that none were fertile. I am not saying its all his fault and thats what happened to my first hatch but it may have contributed.
    Hatch 2 is a different story. I found out that my temp indicators were reading about 1.5 degrees high, which helped lead to the late hatch date (day 25). So far I have kept the temp around at an actual 100.0 degrees and didn't open the bator to candle until tonight which is day 13. Out of 24 I have 23 swimmers and the 24th is developing but I just didnt see any movement. I wont declare the battle won by any means but I do feel better on this hatch than on the last one. The developement is much farther along than my first hatch...strong veins (looking to me anyway lol) and a dark mass and MOVEMENT woot.

    Thanks for all that helped me limp through the craziness of that first hatch and I will be back soon with updates.

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    My first three hatches were total failures. Then I learned how to calibrate the hygrometer and what the temp should be. Duh! My last hatch was 22 out of 24. I have 24 ofmy own eggs in my bator now on day 9 and I see 1 pourous egg and one with a probable blood ring. So I am looking at the same hatch rate.

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