Mayan Egg Wisdom!


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Sep 30, 2014
My gardener's in law is a person from Mayan origins who still lives in a little rural village.As my gardener had told her about us having hens and a rooster and finally trying our hand at hatching them she paid us a visit one day.The day she came over to out house was the day that one of our eggs had started peeping and pecking so as soon as we told her she asked us to check it,of course I couldn't say no! as a newbie I was so thrilled someone with more experience could pin point me little details I could've probably ignored.Make note that I am VERY new to this and maybe what I'm about to tell you probably already know... but anyways going back...when she grabbed the eggs to check out the little chick inside she did the usual,putting it next to her ear and next proceeded to surprise me but tapping on it loudly in order to make the chick peep a bit louder as the peeping was very quiet and not so often she mentioned to me that the chick was very tired and running out of breath so she asked me if she could help him out,I was very shocked as I had checked on it hours before and had decided to put it back with it's mom and give it some time.The old woman the quickly broke the shell on the part were the air sac is located telling me this was were the head was located,and yes she was right and following that she pulled the chick out by the beak in order for him to breathe! it started peeping so loud! She didn't bring his bottom out of the shell and just returned it to the nest for him to finish coming out.I was so surprised by the practice she had! The chick came out eventually and it is perfect! she mention that due the thickness of the eggshell it would've probably died inside as it is too thick for them to break so now I'm checking the eggs everyday to help them out partially!
I wanted to share because I was so shocked,I didn't know the head was always located in the same side of the egg nor that it was safe to pull them out (carefully) by the beak!
One must be very careful when 'helping' chicks hatch. Some just take longer than others to pip, zip, and emerge. Helping a chick/duckling too soon can result in a hatchling with an unabsorbed yolk sack - a frequent sentence to death.

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