Maybe some help in gender recognition? (pics added)


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Aug 24, 2011

I have 15, 1 month old chicks I will soon need to be separating and weeding out. I have 5 Sebrights, 5 Sultan bantams and 5 D'Uccles.

I think I have the sebrights figured out. Some have a wider, lighter colored strip in the comb area...I'm thinking these will be roo's....I almost thought the dark earlobes on some would be the key, but maybe not.

The D'uccles look easy...some have a higher comb already growing in about a 1/4" tall. I'm thinking they are also roo's.

The Sultans are hard to tell...they all look the same except for the haircut. some have stiff mohawks, some have more of a puff ball...some cover less area,some cover more area on the head. The biggest Sultan I have acts like a roo when I let the chicks out in small batches to frolic in the grass and leads them all around and the rest follow. It also has the biggest puff ball haircut...

One other thing I noticed...The ones I think may be roosters will not think twice about going after bugs...they love to uncover crickets. The others will be more cautious and shy away, even if I drop a cricket at their feet.

Any help would be appreciated.

I haven't been able to post any pics or I would...if that would help any.
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first brought home pic

I had confirmation that he is a boy.

Not sure how old, but probably around 3-4 months if not older.
He has not crowed yet.

He is skitish until I pick him up... such a weirdo
Nice looking Porcelain you have there....he looks comfy in your lap too. They say D'uccles look even better with age...I hope so, Mine are the scruffiest looking things so far.
just up load photoes to a place like photobucket and put the link here or get 10 plus post then you can put pics here.
They also start taking better care of themselves too, He/she looks much better now feather wise than he/she did in those pics. He seems to be like "oh I can clean my own feathers!?".
@ Jakrat , yours looks like a rooster to me. When do the tail feathers start to get the bluish gray tint?

I'll have to take some good pics tonight of my chicks and post the links up on here tomorrow... I never had a hard time knowing what was going to be a rooster and what was going to be a hen when I was a kid....but I have been out of the game for 30 years,LOL.
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Here are some pics of the little peepers...

The d'uccles:



The whole group...three like in the first pic and two like in the second pic

The Sebrights:



The whole group...three like in the first pic and two like in the second pic

The Sultans:



And the Sultans of Swing...

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