Maybe you can tell me what this rooster isnt?


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May 15, 2012
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It let me post the pic as wall paper, but not in the forum. I have a lovely rooster that someone brought to me. He is every color under the sun I would say! He has a gold mane and gold saddle that is mixed with blue and greenish blue. His black feathers shine purple, blue, green. He also has some reddish brown on him also. He is just all color! Four toes, if it helps any. :/ So! What ISN'T he?
He's not a silky.

How about an Old English Game?
Here is an Old English Game, looks a lot like yours? Maybe a little? Somewhat? Hey, it is a rooster. :)
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He does kind of, doesn't he? That would be so cool! I am wanting a broody breed rooster. And thank you so much for posting his pic for me!!! I figure there are 60 breeds of chicken so maybe if I can figure out what he isn't, I can figure out what he is! Lol I don't know how old he is, but he isn't a really big rooster. Someone brought him to me, said he came across him at someones house that was having a yard sale and that the rooster, along with a few hens were all in tiny cages with enough room to stand and green water. So, he asked to buy the rooster and they agreed to sell him, and he was brought to me!

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