Meal Maker. Did I get a roo?


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Mar 4, 2018
NE Indiana
I ordered 15 chicks(all hens), 5 different breeds.
Got one extra as the meal maker.
I believe these are the Cream Legbars I ordered.
The one on the left is the extra, is it a CL male? Google was inconclusive. TIA!
I know it may be too early but I'm a super newb and didn't know if you could tell right away by the lighter color because the markings look the same.
They don't send cockerels for meal makers unless you're ordering meat birds. It's usually a sexlink female but it can be any female chick of a laying breed.

ETA: this doesn't mean you couldn't have an accidental cockerel in the mix but they wouldn't send one intentionally. They sell F1 olive eggers, for example, that are half CL. That could be one.
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I'm assuming these are Meyer birds? :) I highly doubt they would send a rare, expensive breed like the Cream Legbar as a meal maker, instead a more common egg layer, such as Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, ect.. At least, these are what I've received so far. :)
Not sure what breed your baby is right now, just that it's cuteness! :love

Yup, Meyer. That makes total sense, thank you.

Thank you all. I figured it would probably be too early but #newbstatus and I didn't know since it looked almost identical to the one next to it, just lighter, if it would be easy to tell. :D:D:D

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