mealworm farm


9 Years
May 24, 2010
wichita falls texas
so finally started my farm.if I'm doing it wrong let me know far I have four turning to pupa soon beetles. I only started with 100.just to see if I can do it
Looks like your mealworm growing experiment is going well. Sounds like some chickens are going to be getting mealworm treats pretty soon. Isn't it funny how white the beetles are when they hatch out.
I started with 50 mealworms from the fish store several months ago and just now have a new generation of mealworms large enough to sift out of the bran meal. There are only about 15 beetles left so I gave them to the chickens and they appeared to be a tasty snack. I started with just a few mealworms to see how it would go and now have hundreds, at least. So the growth from now should be exponential but it's a slow start. The worms are TINY when they hatch. I need to find something better to sift them with - the two sieves I have either let the worms fall through or they hold both the worms and the junk I want to get out. Next time I think I'll wait until the worms are bigger before I sift. I suppose sifting when they are all pupae would work IF none had become beetles and already laid eggs.

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