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9 Years
Aug 23, 2010
I just ordered some medium size mealworms and they are about 3/4" long. Even though these worms are perfect size for my chicks, I want the 1 1/2" long worms and would also like to raise them to have a constant supply. Can you recomend a supplier that has good healthy mealworms at least 1 1/2" long?
Thank you.
Mealworms top out at 3/4s of an inch, that's how big the larvae get before pupating. Superworms on the otherhand are a different but closely related species that usually reaches 2 inches max. They are more expensive, and are much harder to breed since they take twice as long a mealworms to mature. They are even more cannibilistic and large worms need to be seperated into small containers to pupate. Where to get them? Remember, google is your friend.
Mine are atleast an inch long if not a bit more. I didn't know there was another type. Thanks for the info.

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