medicated feed - can't eat her, can I?

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Sep 16, 2008
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I unexpectedly butchered a chicken tonight (for agression, I had enough, and had to do it while I was angry and had the nerve). Question is, they were still on medicated starter, I can't eat her can I? Can I feed her to my dogs at least? Thanks!
I'm not sure, and if you can't eat her I don't see why the dogs could. Thats just me though I really don't know.
There isn't enough medication in the medicated feed to hurt either you or the dogs. Think about it. What's the worst that could happen?
there are things in the feed that are toxic to humans. some things just like murcury build up in your body and never leave it after you have to much in your body you die or have probs that make you sick and die. stricnin (dont think i spelled that right) is also 1 that never leaves.
If the medicated feed has Amprolium in it, then I'd be wary feeding the chicken to your dogs. Amprolium is noted in literature on the web as being a problem drug where dogs are concerned.

You're supposed to wait a week before slaughtering animals who have been fed this drug. (The choice to eat any such bird is your own.)

You can, however, cook and feed her back to the flock.

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