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    Mar 30, 2010
    I'm relatively new to chickens (three years). As I read different posts, I see medications and supplies (oils, salves, etc) that people use. What meds/supplies should I have on hand for when I have a sick bird? And where do I get them? Catalog/online chicken supply sites? I shouldn't wait till I have a problem and then try to locate a drug that takes a few days to be shipped. I should already have remedies here.
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    I have a toolbox that I put some supplies in for emergencies/trips to the show.

    I have Polyvisol infant vitamins, peroxide, alchohol, vaseline, animal and human
    toenail trimmers, Q-tips, cotton balls, betadine scrub and solution, Bactrim antibiotics,
    first aid cream, a set of hobby exacto knives, some syringes for medicating.
    I always keep olive oil and honey around the house, and when I go on trips with
    the birds I will take small containers of both with me.

    A lot of people say to keep Tylan on hand also. I found that I like the oral Bactrim
    better, but I do have links saved where I can get other antibiotics shipped overnight
    if I have to. Plus my local feed store carries the vaccines and penicillin injectable.
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    A very large syringe and some saline solution for flushing out wounds. And, for securing a dressing & bandage even when birdie goes back outside, Vet Wrap is the hands-down best.

    ETA: by the way, I don't keep a lot of injectables & medications on hand. rather, I keep a list of feedstores and phone numbers, with details about which store keeps which meds in stock. then again, my flock is small.
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