Mediterranean style breeding pen I made this summer!! (lots of pics)


9 Years
Oct 9, 2010
Just wanted to show the breeding pen I build for my long time wanted quails (Coturnix Coturnix) as a summer project with my brother.
Final work:

Made with old used pine boards and clay tiles I had around the house, total cost 5€ (+/- 5,5$) for the hinges and locks.

So here it is right after build (it still needing protective varnish), without the tiles, and not in place yet:


I made 80% of the floor with wire mesh so that their droppings fall to the ground and they keep their living space clean. The other 20% of the floor are the nesting zone, made with pine board, plus straw bedding that I change from time to time.

Here they are enjoy their first steps in their "brand new" (recycled) home, they were just 3 at first:

Here they are the 3 older ones, with 5 younger brothers I bought later, already with their house in place (still unfinished) and filled with several commodities (water, food, green vegs and dust bath container):

Views inside:


and the adults, also you can see here their entrance to the nesting area,

Now the final work, with the clay tiles on place, and the straw beddings at the nest area:

Here is the nest of one of the older quails, after six days of hard work


Hope you all liked. I had a lot of fun making it, and now seeing it "work", and knowing the quails are being happy, and protected!
Please tell me what you think about it!

*Edited to put a "final work" picture in the beginning.*
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what kind of predators do you have in your area? Your set up is very nice, but, looks like it could be pushed over easily.
Thanks everybody.
I will try to take some pictures of the nesting area and putting them online this weekend.

I have a lot of predators, feral cats, foxes and dogs.
Those legs are pretty strong they are 5inches in diameter, they don't look that large because the cage is very big, also they are from a species of the genus Eucalyptus, when they dry they are "though as steel", I had a very hard time putting nails on them.
Also the pine laths make triangular sections which make the cage very stable, this week there was some strong rain and wind storms and a lot of green houses have been damaged and even some trees near the road have fallen, the pen doesn't even moved a bit. This looks like I'm defending in a trial or something, lol, but as facts come to my mind I type them, I remember other thing, those clay tiles weigh over 200pounds and look at it.
Forget one thing, the pen where just sitting there for a month to decide if that would be the final spot, and no problems happened, then we decided it was the right spot, and was made a 15''by15'' concrete foundation in the feet. I can make wall push ups on it now.
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im talkin about something knocking it over. if a wild dog gets in there and wants those quail there gonna jump up and work it enough till it gets knocked over.
Sorry, I don't understand what knocked over means?
The pen is made with nailed pine boards, and reinforced hardware cloth, so I don't think any thing can get in. The selling is covered with wood under the tiles.

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