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Mar 15, 2015
Prescott Valley, AZ
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My Coop
Ok, I have been reading a lot of posts in this heading and I'm really wondering,

What are your "go to / must have on hand" meds / supplies for your chickens?

I have 7 girls right now but come spring we are planning to add 6 more to our family. So far I have on hand vet wrap, 2" & 4", Pick-No-More, VetRx, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Silver Sulfadiazine, gauze and disposable scalpels.

Please please tell me what to have so if something comes up I'm not scrambling! :bow

Nu-stock and Neem oil. I keep the Neem for the garden too ;)

Oh, I also keep Nutri drench and rooster booster electrolyte/vitamin/probiotics handy for sick chicks.
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