meet my new grown up serama birds


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Branson, missouri
I got 4 beautiful seramas today!! 2 hens 2 cocks. They are fun. the cock crows but it is not irritating at all. I am being very careful to keep them seperate from my other chickens, but honestly i do not know what to look for and how long to keep them seperate Maya has a metal thingy on her wing. It scared me at first, but i saw some numbers on it, so i am sure it is supposed to be there. I always though birds were leg tagged. I weighed them on my puppy scale ( funny because i just used my chicken bator for my puppies), took a photo of them. The boy i names murray has the most beatiful carnival glass looking feathers. I am so happy with these guys.
I also got to meet a fellow BYC person today as she drove to branson. That was awesome to meet her. here are my new birds ......

Funny, I'm a horse person turned Chinese crested person turned chicken person as well. Trying hard to keep to practical chickens, but just love the personalities of Silkies, and have been eyeballing seramas and seabrights... Love it when the chickens give my Crested a good chase - he just gets no respect!
Funnt I had horses when i was raising my 38 yr old daughter. we did gymkana........i will always have chinese cresteds I just love them.... guess what i got from one my 2 new hens just a bit ago
my first im so happy !!! its in my bator right now!!!!


happy in branson tonight
yes maurice is lovely, but when murray puts those tails feather up wow and his carnival glass looking feathers he is just awesome!! I put a cage with a porta waterer in my car and took murray with me to pick my hubby up from work today!!!!

Donna sooo happy in branson

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