Meet our oldest hen, Henny Penny


Invincible Summer
12 Years
Apr 9, 2007
I just realized our oldest hen still alive is going to be 8 years old soon. Here are 3 pics of her, when she was a chick, when she became a mama to 1 chick, and last week. She rules the chicken house and flock, without being mean at all. They respect her and she acts like a queen....she's a polish mix, notice the little "mohawk do"...We love her even tho she was a bad mama. She only let 1 chick live, so we never let her sit on eggs again after that...

What a neat looking chicken. Love her little 'do'! Congratulations on her eighth birthday!
That is so neat! I had a lil hen named Henny Penny when I was in grade school! I raised her from an egg, she was my tamest hen… she’d be about 7 years old this year...
My oldest hen now is 6 years old, Big Blue an EE hen...

Good for you and good for Henny Penny!

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