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Aug 23, 2020
The Littles were the last set of chicks we got this summer and they make up their own little flock of 4. They are about 14 weeks now, I let our older 22 wk BR pullet Echo free range with them this past week, she was trying to make friends and they were scared of her so it made for some good entertainment. Surprisingly Echo wasn't aggressive toward them, she just kept following them around like she wanted to join their clique.

All of our BRs are named after dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, because, why not? They are after all little veloci-nuggets!

So, meet the Littles!

Delta - very friendly and likes pets (if you can catch her). Named after a velociraptor.

Blue - she has wide white barring making her extra light colored. Named after a velociraptor.

Compie - she repeatedly bites you if you get close enough. Named for the little Compsognathus dinos

Mosa - she is the biggest and has a surprisingly red face and comb for her age (but no other roo traits I can tell). Named for the Mosasaurus in Jurassic Word that eats the Indominus Rex.

Echo - not a Little, but may join their flock eventually if she wants. She was our first BR and is super sweet and oh so fluffy 😍 and also named after a velociraptor.

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🥰🥰 They're adorable!! I hope they accept Echo into their flock.:fl
Me too! The other girls often break off in breed groups, in another month or so I should be able to let the Littles free range with the rest of the flock and I'm super curious to see if Echo will continue going into the coop she is currently in or join the other BRs at night.

She was raised with a RIR and they are good buddies though, so maybe she won't. Little Red is so active, I tried letting her out with Echo and the Littles but she runs them like she runs the guineas. She didn't peck them but she puts her head flat out to the ground and runs at them, then whoever runs, she chases. If they stop and she gets next to them, she stops and stands up tall until they start running again then it's head down and the chase resumes. Red has a blast, but the Littles don't, so Łittle Red doesn't get to be out with them. She doesn't run the layers so I'm hoping that next spring / summer the Littles will be bold enough to stand her down.
Here's the Littles settling in for the night in their coop.

Blue can't hide at all, there's no second guessing on which one Blue is! Compie and Delta are the closest in looks but Compie has a little black spot on her neck and if you reach toward her you get pecked, in rapid succession 🤣

20201124_190703.jpg 20201124_190653.jpg 20201124_190636.jpg
Aww sweet girls! I have a pecker too..
Thanks. And lucky for her she finally settled on a name because we've been referring to her as 'the pecker' or 'you know, the one who pecks you' when talk about her. My husband really likes her, because she pecks 🙄

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