Meet the newest family members! Great Pyrenees Pups.... Runt & Bo!!


11 Years
May 31, 2009
Lancaster, SC
My husband and I have kinda started our own little farm! We decided we needed some Alot of good they will do at 6 and 1/2 weeks old!!
Training has already started and is going well!! We love these little guys. I'll love them even more when they stop chewing! Runt and Bo bring our total of dogs to 8.....
Then theres.......
8 foster dogs
5 foster cats
35 adult chickens
200 or so chicks....(dear lord)
And 5 incubators ready to pop!
Oh lone goldfish!

Meet.... "Runt"
He is the smallest in size but has the biggest additude! He LOVES my husband!!

And Meet.... "Bo"
He is our curious boy. He stays in trouble! But the love and willingness to stay by my side is unbelieveable!
Cute pups.

So you must have lots of empty coop space with that many chickens, chicks and eggs ready to hatch!
Oh how adorable!!
I've been desperately searching for a pyr pup around here and no luck.

The closest ones I can find are in Little Rock. We just happen to be going to LR this coming weekend for GS's birthday. Gonna start buttering up the DH today.
Wish you were here! The man that had these pups just emailed me. Hes got to go out of town. Family emergency I think. He only wants $100 bucks for the remaining two! Wow......

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