Mega tractor coop - looking for ideas to make a light-weight, predator proof coop

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6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
We are getting 32 chickens, and are looking to build a tractor coop for them so they can share the pasture with my horse. I need some ideas on how to make it light enough, and predator proof (dogs, coyotes, weasles, skunks). Seems like a nutty project to begin with, but the chicks are on the way.

I understand the coop needs a foot of space per bird to roost, plus an equal amount of floor space, plus laying boxes, and 4-5square feet per bird in the outside run.
How many nest boxes do you need for 30 laying hens?
Can the chickens live entirely off of the pasture, or do they need supplementing?
For weight, I'm thinking the outside run will not be too tall.
For predators, thinking of doing an inner layer of chicken wire, and then partial layer of outer mesh attached to the electric fence??

We're from Manitoba, so we'll have to build a different coop for winter, yet. My husband says he can move the coop with our truck or lawn tractor, though I think it would be nice not to have to rely on that.
Any ideas for any portion would be great!

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