Mellow baby or sick baby?


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Murphys, Ca
Last night I went to check on my chicks before bed. I always talk when approaching the brooder but they usually scatter anyways. Well one of my BO just layed there. And let me pick her up! I put some crumbles in my hand and she ate and when I put her by the waterer she drank, but otherwise she just stands where I put her down. She can walk fine but doesn't seem to want to. She just wants to stand and sleep. It also seems like the others are picking on her a bit. So do you pros think this is normal and I'm paranoid or should I be worried? She's 10 days old.
I also wanted to add that her poop is watery?
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I would get some Corid and treat them all asap. Those are classic early signs of coccidiosis. Even if by some chance that's not what it is you are always better off to treat if it's suspected as it can kill very fast. Corid is something I keep on hand at all times, especially when raising chicks.
I would try to get it today if at all possible rather then mail ordering it. If this is coccidiosis you don't have the time to wait for it to get here. If you have a Tractor Supply near you they usually have it but most any decent feed store should have it. Might have to look in the cattle dept. since it's labeled for calves.
Ok there's a feed store 30 mins away that has the powder. Hubby has our car today but they are holding their last bag for me to pick up in the am. Will that be too late? And I just add it to their waterer for all of them?
Well, it was too late for my little BO. :( Started treating the rest this morning. Hopefully if any one else has it this will knock it out. Thanks everyone for all the help!

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