Men or women??


Mar 18, 2018
Henry, Tennessee
So in my past experience with birds( especially the larger ones), it seems that a male bird will take to a woman more than a man and vice versa ( female birds lean more towards a man). Is it just me or has other people noticed this?
we think we have a girl (parrot), very difficult to be sure unless she lays an egg, but she "plays rough"- mock fighting etc with my husband, and welcomes him home with a regurgitation display, and is more chatty with him. With me she is quieter and seems to enjoy just sitting watching (and "helping" with anything I am doing and seems to prefer having me scratch her head and neck.
I wonder: If the parrot was hand raised, if that can play into their gender preference? My sister has a parrot who is bonded to her husband (much to my sister's chagrin). When the bird was being hand fed, her husband was the one who was home more often to feed the baby.
I never thought of the hand raising idea, that could very well be true. My bluefront seen my wife getting dressed one time and whistled loudly and said "Wow!". My wife says it's just because he's a male and a natural born pervert lol

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