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11 Years
Jul 1, 2011
Saco, Maine
Ok, it's me again with the same chicken.
I'm sure this is on here somewhere, but having been worrying about this girl and other things I don't have the energy to go through all the post, apologies.
SOmeone suggested to me that it might be Mereks and I was wondering what you all thought. She wasn't vaccinated and I got them at 4 months old, she's now 5.5 months. My original flock is vaccinated, but not the two she came to me with that she is currently living with. She is weak and stumbling, I thought because she wasn't eating. She's eating less and less by the day and just wants to sleep all the time and keeps making stressed out peeping noises.
Any thought? Could this be Mereks? What can I do?
Thank you so much!!

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