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  1. CincyChicky

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Hi All! Im hoping someone can help... I have 6 Barred Rocks... about 10 mos old).
    I just lost a chicken last week which had been unwell for quite some i wasnt suprised. Over the summer I nursed her back to health but I guess she never really got over whatever it was 100%. Now she has passed and I assumed all was well, as noone else had ever been sick... but it looks like I have another girl with similar symptoms. Hoping someone can help me out with her illness.ive been looking on the posts- but nothing seems to match hers yet.

    1) runny much so that her bum is a mess with wet poo on her feathers
    2) ruffled feathers- she generally looks unkempt
    3) she is still eating...and assuming drinking. She runs out to meet me with the rest of the girls, so not lethargic...and digs into the scraps I give them.
    4)her comb looks very small...and somewhat dark at the base. This could be inconsequential, but compared to the other girls hers is half their size. It looks rough and almost whitish at times.
    5) Hard to tell is shes laying...we typically get a bizarre patterns of i was never sure who was doing what. But since #7 died my overall number/week has not changed
    6) they are locked up at night and its been pretty cold so I have a heat lamp in there now too.

    Ive added tetracycline to the water....
    not sure what else to do.
    Hate to loose all my girlies!!!
    Ive seen lots of people mention to me...even as a kid on a farm..i dont remember ever doing that.
    Any help is appreciated as I dont want to loose them...and obviously its spreading..whatever it is.


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    Sorry about the loss of your seventh.

    Sounds like this hen could have vent gleet, I can't find the fact sheet right now. Treatment involves topical and internal antifungals, as well as specific meds. Prevention includes probiotics.
  3. CincyChicky

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Thank you! I researched last night and after spending a little more time with her this am...i have new findings
    1) her bum does not smell ( other than normal poo) Im reading this is a huge sign
    2) there is also some respiratory distress...she sounds "wet"

    Thanks for the help- I dont have a farm vet anywhere close...and am happy to treat with OTC or homeopathic. I have Tractor Supply and a McMurry Hatchery within driving distance.
    Many thanks!

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