Mice problem... will mouse bait affect my chickens

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by kychickmom, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Hi all, we are having a bit of a problem. We have a barn and of course we have mice. My question is, if we put mouse bait where the chickens can't get to it, and the mice do...if the chickens by chance catch one will the bait make the chickens sick? Another question... If the chickens eat the mouse that took the bait, is it safe to still collect eggs and eat them? I have 3 young children and I want to get rid of the mice but don't want to poision my kids.lol If anone knows the answer any help would be great![​IMG]
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    I prefer to use traps. Why take a chance with poisons?
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    They do make poisons (in a bag) that you put in a black box and you could securely tape it. Put the whole bag in and let the mice chew threw it. Even if the chickens get a hold of a dead mouse, they won't be affected. Make sure to tell the them you want a no kill second hand poison. Good luck, those are some real pests!!
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    Hi friend please consider this. Mouse eats poisen, chicken eats mouse. Can the chicken get sick? What if you eat the eggs? Will you get sick? My guess is you wont notice the chickens getting sick and if you eat their eggs you wont notice it. The real question you should ask is: Is there poisen in my chickens or my eggs and or in my kids who eat the eggs.
    Consider what is the biggest factor that encourages the mice. Open grain on the ground? Lots of Hay for them to nest and hide? Can you prevent or correct for mouse habitat?
    Now how about inviting an owl or Kestril to live in and around your barn? I have made boxes for them to nest out of old desk drawrs. just put a board on the open part and Jig saw a hole about 2 or 3 inches in it. Face the opening south or east and hang it 10 to 15 feet in a tree. A Screech owl or Kestril will eat at least a mouse a day. Consider live in girl friend and 4 to 5 ilagitmate children and thats about 6 mice a day, or 2190 mice a year. There are no hollidays. I sure hope you not killing your snakes at the very least those less than 3 feet. Its never going to be perfect what ever plan you follow. I however believe that if you reduce feed to the mouse or hiding places and invite a friendly perditor you can manage the pest and enjoy both your chickens and nature.
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    An excellent and very low danger solution is discussed in this thread:


    Also, do you have a barnyard cat, or two? You will never get rid of all mice and they present far less danger to your children and pets than any poison you might use. Rather, as the previous poster suggested, eliminate their food and bedding options and look for more natural means of controlling their population.

    A lot of people are very concerned about mice, but they're not a huge problem if your coop is well-constructed and you introduce a natural predator, or two.
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