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  1. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    I wrote to the DNR when I was considering getting American new guinea hog (farmer boy) and they told me they were not on the list for banned pigs. IF I were to get pigs like that, I would send a letter to the DNR and try to get the same kind of reply in writing... and hang on to it.

    Nice job on the garden Sam

    Raz, glad you finely got that wood put up! (I see another of my friends contributed to your fund this weekend).

    Tap, sorry about the dog... we'll probably be doing the same soon.
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    Mar 27, 2012
    I meant the Hugel bed! [​IMG]
    I see he got your sense of humor!
    Maybe he could sell the "fruit" of his labors at the farmers market... just glue on some eyes!
    This is an older story but I am glad it is being brought up again!
    He puts up videos on the (lack of) progress in his case. This man and his family have been struggling to feed his pigs for over a year now.
  3. Opa

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    May 11, 2008
    Howell Michigan
    [​IMG]I understand that in order for a society to function that there needs to be rules. Oft times a rule is enacted to prevent a hazardous situation from developing. On the whole this is a good thing and is beneficial to the majority. However, far to often rules are put in place not as a preventative correction but as a hysterical reaction to a tragedy. One prime example is the glut of new legislation about gun control. Let's just add more rules and restrictions without addressing the underlying cause.

    Next we have the rules and regulations that are put in place by a governmental agency. Most of these we never have the opportunity to vote on them. Many of these requirements that are supposedly for our benefit and protection are simply a means to inflate and justify the agency creating them.

    If federal and state laws and regulations weren't enough to deal with we also must abide by the policies, requirements, mandates, and laws enacted by local government. This is where some of the more inane ordinances can be found.

    Many times you will see someone move into an area, get involved in the local government and try to establish requirements that would prevent anyone else from moving into the area. It sort of an it was okay to modify the rural nature of the community to allow for my home but now that I am here we can't allow any further development.

    Then you have the newcomer political activists that move into an area because of its rural ambiance then discover that they find living downwind of a farm offensive. Or that the gun range that has been in operation for many years is too noisy.

    Several years ago I had to sit and listen to a new comer yuppy on the township board lecture me on how massive the building they would allow me to build was. I was trying to get a variance to newly enacted buiIding restrictions that mandated the maximum size of out building to the size of the property. Mine was was less1/4 acre under the limit and even though my request included statements from all my neighbors they ruled my shop could only be 900 square feet and not the 1200 I had wanted.

    I'm sure all of us could cite examples of governments intruding unnecessarily into our private lives. While we have to take it we don't have to like it and the best way to show our displeasure is by becoming politically active. Make sure our elected officials know our feelings and make sure they know that we will vote based upon how they repond to our concerns.

    I now return this thread to its normal scheduled programming.
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    Good Morning everyone.

    Well it's back to work today . . . The 3 day weekend just wasn't long enough to accomplish everything I wanted/needed to get done.
    And it seems my hens are on strike. Two eggs Sunday, 6 eggs yesterday. Out of 20 hens and 4 duck hens. I had 2 people stop by requesting eggs and I had none. I do have 3 broody hens now that are sitting empty nests pretty tightly. They free range, get fed more than they need to be, I'm sure, and get lots of treats (watermelon, cabbage, etc.). Free choice oyster shell. I talked to a guy the other day selling a bunch of hens because he has too many eggs and not enough customers!
    Sigh. Well, everyone who has to go back to work today - have a good day. Those who don't - enjoy your day, too!
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    Aug 21, 2009
    Belding Michigan
    well it looks like a stay in and do house work or sew day, should work on my rug, , chickens are all hanging out under the coop and covered run. Sure hope when it stops it isn't to hot to work outside. still have a lot of planting I want to get done., flowers and veggies.
    Opa does your garden have a watering system attached to the center cross pipes?, I am envious,

    maybe your son should build a hugle bed over his rock garden, I may start one this yr. as we have a lot of old rotten wood piles aroiund that could be gathered together and make a fine bed. problem is, the largest logs are way down by the end of the drive and are very lg and hard to move. can't plant there as there would be no water source. funny how well the weeds grow with out water[​IMG]

    chickflick it always amazes me that eople can't figure out were eggs come from, chickens are pretty simple creatures, [​IMG] glad they were not afraid to ask questions and take you up on your tour. Now there are 2 more people out there that know chickens are not that stinky

    rain may have passed through now, guess I will go down and let the chickens range.
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    May 17, 2012
    Benzie, MI
    Another beautiful day! Looks like it may rain in a little bit, so I should probably go plant the apple tree we got this weekend. If there's time, and the baby cooperates, I might try to seed the sunflower garden too, but I think that will be a bit more work than I'm anticipating.

    It looks like I have another pullet going broody. Normally I would be [​IMG] about it, but DH says no more hatching this spring. He's worried about not having space for all of them when winter comes. I have eggs in the incubator that are on day 12 now, so I'm considering possibly slipping a few of those under her to give her something to hatch, but then again, I was going to clean that coop out this week, and it's kind of hard to empty, vacuum, and hose down the inside of the coop when you have a hen sitting on eggs in the corner. What to do....what to do.

    Off to work before it rains! Have a wonderful day all!
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    Jun 15, 2012
    What a nice, long, - but very short, camping weekend. Hope you all had a pleasant time.

    Tap - sorry for your dog. Congrats to Raz for the board. Great post Opa!


    So we have always given a dozen fresh eggs to our neighbors each week. They're really great people.

    It breaks our hearts that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer this spring. He has started his chemo treatments & we pray that will work. As he gets his treatments though, he gets terrible mouth sores & a painful throat, to add to his already aggravated stomach due to the cancer.

    We found out yesterday, that the only thing he is able to eat during the treatments is egg salad. They didn't tell us that! I had to find out from my mom who was watching our farm for us as we were gone this weekend camping. They took the 8 eggs that she collected that day as he starts his next round of chemo today, but insisted that just a dozen a week was fine. They're good people, & I'm sure they just don't want to inconvenience us (it took us months of giving them eggs weekly for them to stop trying to pay us for them). Well all I can say is that now they'll be getting 2 dozen eggs a week & I hope it helps him if only a tiny measure.
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  8. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    Congrats Randy, you made your goal and then some! Hope it will help and I would love to see the look on their faces when you pay in full. [​IMG] Please let us know how it goes and if we can do anymore to help you.

    Getting involved with your gov local to the top levels, does make a difference... we just have to out voice all the people who want to take away liberties or exert too much control over our lives! Otherwise, they'll just think that everyone agrees with the whiners and they'll do what they want!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    Saturday was a great day for the Highland festival, though the mass band didn't play as long as in the past... I loved that part. We got into the entertainment tent just before the cover charge time (like everyone else!) It was fun! Enjoyed some Scottish whiskey and stayed long enough to hear the Rogues playing . I was so sad that I lost my family crest pin.... guess I'll have to go back again to get another [​IMG]. (and pick up a kilt teee heee hee) I couldn't get DH in a kilt,(yet) but I think I will some day...just have to cook him like a frog! [​IMG]

    Sunday and Monday, we put down oak flooring at my parents... got the bulk of the living room done. Glad I don't do that work for a living anymore!
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  9. Farmerboy16

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Sparta, MI
    Thanks Silly for bringing that up. For that is how I raise my hogs. Pasture raised. Very happy hogs. Healthy hogs and healthy meat.

    This was taken in early April.

    Last week

    Jasper my registered boar found his new wallowing hole.

    Sorry Tap.
    Congrats and consolation to everyone.

    RaZ- I am very happy to see that we all have donated almost to the goal, and hopefully meet the goal before the deadline. I really would like to see you again at Chickenstock! It would not be the same without you.

    I had gone to the neighbor's to check their goat that was due to have kids, and saw tiny hoofs sticking out of Ethal's rear end, so called the neighbor, and we waited for half hour, saw no improvement. So the neighbor got me gloves and I pulled the cutest doeling out. It was not that easy to pull her out. I had to pull the buckling out a hour later. Everyone is doing well, and the neighbor was very glad that I had come over.
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  10. Amy PT

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    May 7, 2012
    Oh, baby goats melt my heart. We need to move out of the city. I'm getting away with urban chickens, but surely goats will be stretching our neighbors' goodwill. ;)

    Tap, I'm sorry about your dog. I hope you find peace in knowing that your pal isn't suffering.

    Our 2 chicks have developed some pink in their combs that weren't there before we left for the weekend. They've also developed some cheek muffs... It seems those cochins are not cochins at all, but porcelain d'uccles. So now we have a mille de fleur and 2 porcelain d'uclcles. Happy because a 6 week old cochin with that much pink is likely to be a cockerel, while the d'uccles develop a little pink at this age. But bummed to not have cochins. Our little cross beak is doing well. She spends most of her time at the feeder, but weighs just as much as the other.

    If anyone in W MI wants a white silkie fella, please let me know. He's a laid back, healthy little guy. I'd be happy to bring him to you. I don't know if Chickenstock is going to work for us this year. Should have a better idea in a week or so. It would be nice to meet y'all (or, the y'all who are able to be there).

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