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Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by Wynette, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Fancy Favie

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    Sep 8, 2012
    Millington, MI
    Well i'm hoping I can join you all for this years Chickenstock and its looking good so far... If my chicks have hatched before then I will definately be coming, I have Standard Salmon Faverolles available from day old on up If anyone would be interested and also hatching eggs, I'm not sure yet on the dish to pass just yet but should know more closer to the ChickenStock date, Please feel free to Pm me if you would like me to bring my Faverolles
  2. naglady

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Northern Michigan
    Just notice we are missing a 2 mos old chick.. from outside. not sure how long he has been missing. been pretty busy the last couple of days and guess i havent been super good about counting them in the coop.. i would glance and that is it.. i think he got loose and flead to shelter.. and got lost. hard to tell.. he was my first and only chick that hatched out of my first batch.. i put a missing ad on the oscoda yard sale site.. to see if anyone has saw him in a certain area.. maybe we will get lucky.. i hate to think some wild animal got him. which very well could of happened.
  3. NovaAman

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    WOOHOO!! Go Randy! So glad you got your funds! Hopefully now they will not come up with some BS fees more on top of the BS fees you had to begin with. I wish I could have given more, but I am just happy you are gonna remain free to annoy the 7734 out of your lovely neighbor. Such a treat!

    Daron, good job!
  4. snowflake

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Belding Michigan
    good job Daran, lucky you were there[​IMG]

    RAZ,[​IMG][​IMG] so glad you made your goal, I to would watch for added fees, and I am glad their computers weren't down when you went to pay, have you been able to comply with the rest of their kind requests? I'm sure they will find something else to fine you for,
    maybe you should offer to sell them your house (for what you need to get out of it and relocate) then you could move to the country
  5. snowflake

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Belding Michigan
    looks like we are infor a hot and WET week, makes it hard to get the garden in. May have to put a rain coat on and brave the weather
  6. taprock

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  7. Opa

    Opa Opa-wan Chickenobi

    May 11, 2008
    Howell Michigan
    Sometime around 845 we heard a loud explosion and the lights when off. Then 1 few minutes later the first round of storms hit. For the rest of the day I sat reading and watching the rain come down in buckets. One wave of storms would roll thru, it would almost clear up, and another rounds of storms would hit.

    Only our house and one neighbor were without power. A power pole with a transformer on it feeds both my house and the neighbor's, and I suspected that the problem was not caused by the weather but my a squirrel. A quick search between storms ,confirmed my suspicion. An electrocuted bushy tailed critter laid at the bottom of the pole.

    The original estimate for repair was between 11:30 and 1:30. When that time had come and gone I called for an update only to hear that due to unusually high demands no possible repair time could be given.

    Since there were so many outages county wide, and since my outage only affected 2 houses I knew we would be given a low priority and possibly our power might not be restored for quite awhile. I finally decided that it would be prudent to fill some water jugs so there would be water for the toilets. I was retrieving some empty milk bottles from the garage when Granny sang out "Edison is here". Eight hours after losing power we were back on line. I really do appreciated the efforts of power workers who often in adverse conditions strive to maintain our service.
  8. HollyDuckFarmer

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    Jun 30, 2012
    LP Michigan
    Sorry Opa but I am laughing! I literally just asked my husband if he'd tested the genie lately? This is exactly the sort of storm that blows the transformer out here by me... Once we were out 3 Days. Those that filled their buckets and bathtubs acted prudently. I'm very happy that Edison got to you relatively quickly and sounds like all is well now.

    Happy Great news for you RaZ!!

    Awesome on your delivery, FBoy.

    Tap, left you reply on your thread.
    I hope that baby finds its way home.

    DH quickly disced and I just scatter planted 5# Oats + a ton of random beans... Blackeyed Peas that I grew in my garden last year and saved all for seed, a bunch of KY Wonder, and some bush var. too. ...Just in time for lightning to explode over my house and rain to come down hard. Hope that is enough for drilling in that seed! I had terrible weeds and pests last year so this is cover crop.

    Anyone else have that miserable Squash Vine Borer?
  9. Amy PT

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    May 7, 2012
    Randy, I'm happy your funds came in. Phew. Now for the other parts of the fight... Wishing you strength.

    Opa, I'm going to keep an eye on your tomato plant experiment. I was considering growing mine up this year, but our coop extension project took up building time, and we're back to the old cage route.
  10. minniefarm

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Whitmore Lake
    Glad to hear avoided the Pokey for now! You never know about those crazy chicken people! Next thing you know he will be growing tomatoes in flower pots on the front porch. Far be in for Garden City to actually have Gardens!

    It's getting real warm and muggy here. The school I work in does not have a/c. It's going to get warm and grouchy around that place! Poor kids will be melting on their books [​IMG].

    Probably not planting this year. Our soil is pretty poor. We will work to amend the soil this year and plant next.

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