Mid day 23 - should I help?


Apr 23, 2020
Northern California
I have 6 shipped silkie & bantam Cochin eggs in the incubator on day 23. I incubated them upright because of wonky air cells. One silkie hatched but was super malpositioned and I had to help, and Cochin hatched perfectly on day 21.
I went ahead and candled the 6 mid day 22 and 4 seemed to be alive & moving. One had pipped internally and it was trying to pip externally so I left it, but when I checked them before bed it wasn’t moving.. I made an external pip but it had already died.
I candled them again this morning and now only one silkie egg is definitely moving against the membrane but doesn’t look like it internally pipped. Another Cochin was active last night but isn’t as active today & it sort of looks internally pipped.. though it’s hard to tell (I can’t tell if the triangle I see is part of the membrane or is the beak). I feel like I occasionally hear faint peeping as well or maybe it’s my imagination...
at this point I’m worried the silkie egg is malpositioned and I’m not sure if I should pip the Cochin egg...
I’m wondering if I should sit on my hands and probably have them die like the others that were moving, or if I should do something to help.
have you ever been in the situation where they’re moving but die anyway?
This is the silkie egg that is wiggling and “breathing” but doesn’t really look pipped to me.

this is the Cochin egg that was moving early but I just took this pic and it doesn’t seem to be moving anymore :/

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