middle georgia chickens for sale

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    Sep 19, 2009
    central georgia
    i have several chickens for sale.prices vary depending on breed and age.
    please email me for individual pictures and price.

    here is what i have
    8 wks-13 weeks
    1.barred plymouth rocks-10 cockerals/8 pullets-utility type-great layers or fryers
    2.rhode island reds-12 cockerals/10 pullets-these are utility type reds -great layers or fryers.
    3.buff orpingtons-2 cockerals/1 pullet
    4. mixed black/gold-1 cockeral and 3 pullets-sell as a quad only
    5.white plymoth rock-1 cockeral
    6.silver laced wyandotte-1 cockeral

    4-5 months
    7.easter eggers-cockerals only-asst, colors

    8 weeks
    8.bantam salmon faverolle cockerals-2

    1yr old
    9.partridge plymouth rock rooster
    10.blue wheaten ameraucana rooster
    11.wheaten ameraucana rooster

    pick up or willing to meet somewhere.

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