Might have THREE roos!!!!

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  1. I think that I have three roos...I will get some pics soon. The first, Raven, is 9-10 weeks. He/she has a big comb and has big wattles that wiggle when he moves his head! The second, Barroca, has RED wattles!!! He/she has big wattles and comb and he is about 10-11 weeks. The third, Dinero, has a big comb and wattles, but doesn't have them as red as Raven and Barroca. Dinero has shiny feathers around the neck tho... The last of the babies that I think is a girl, Perch, has a tiny comb and tiny wattles. Raven is all black with a little bit of buff/red on the right wing, maybe even the left wing, a little on the neck and some on the chest. Barroca is a Barred Rock. And Dinero is a Buff Orpington (?) with some black on the flight feathers and tail feathers.
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    If you can post pictures, we can help you figure out if any or all are cockerels or not!

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