might this idea work?

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  1. FarmGirlNE

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    Aug 8, 2007
    Tiplersville, MS
    Ok, I thought this would be interesting..... *might* be a good idea.... but then I'm running on no sleep, and so I'm really not sure.... thought I'd go ahead and see what y'all think before I think any more on it lol

    So far, I've got 3 breeds of chickens coming to me, 10 of each breed..... I'm planning to breed them, so they've gotta be separated.... and I can't free-range them, way too many hawks and who knows what else around here... so gotta have a pen for each breed too.... oh, and also planning to get at least 2 more breeds of chickens later on, plus guineas and turkeys.... lol

    Anyway, the idea popped into my head.... I'd been looking at brooders, was looking at those stacked ones.... I thought, what if I had a stacked coop? Let's say 2 levels, any more than that and it'd be too tall..... cuz I'd figured maybe 4ft tall for each level? Is that tall enough? And also thought if I needed to I could have a step built around the bottom, where I can reach all of the upper coops when I need to.... So, 2 level coop, divided into 4 sections... 2 downstairs, 2 upstairs... each coop big enough for the number of chickens I have... figured 5x8 maybe? or maybe 4x10 might work better, have it longer but not as deep....

    I'd have a pen going around it.... divided also at each side... a door for the chicks on each side into their respective pens... the upper level coops would have a ramp going into their pens... there'd be a door for me to get into each pen, which would give me access to each coop...

    Is this just a bad lack of sleep idea? Or could this possibly work? I just thought it might be neat, different anyway.... don't think I've seen it done like this before... but maybe there's a reason for that [​IMG]

    When I get my other breeds, I suppose I'd have to build another of these, or something else..... I do plan to get phoenixes, which would need a taller coop, so I guess they'd have to have something different.... or have one side for them just one tall level (which would make it 8 feet tall for them, plenty of room for their tails), and the other side split level to have 2 other breeds...

    Hm..... you know you're addicted to chickens when you start out saying you'll start small (20 chickens max) and your first order is for 30 chicks..... [​IMG]
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    May 8, 2007
    Zuni, Virginia
    You know, you might just be on to something. I have been thinking about ways to make my new coops so I can have some breeding pens. Now you got me thinking about this!
  3. Marlinchaser

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    Oct 18, 2007
    could work would save a little on coop space requirements for run area would remain for each level.

    I thinK I would stick with the 4x plans that is the demention that lumber arrives in, so less waste on cuts and less chance of being stuck with a 3 foot piece of pllywood. I know you can always find a use for it, but if plans haven't already been made make them(the coops) to fit the demensions of the lumber you will be getting.
  4. FarmGirlNE

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    Aug 8, 2007
    Tiplersville, MS
    Ok, well, not actually thinking as far as measurements yet, but wanted to try to draw out a rough idea of what I'm thinking.....


    Decided it would be best to do longer but not so deep..... for the sake of being able to access everything in it..... considering each section is only 4ft tall (I am short, and *could* get in there, but not *that* short lol).... I think if anything, this is the problem with doing it this way.... I'm not sure on measurements.... how deep does it need to be? does it matter as long as it's long enough to give it the recommended square footage?

    Well, figured on having the nesting boxes accessible from the outside, which is why I put the step there where the nesting boxes are.... Then the other side where the step goes across, I'd need it to open up somehow along that side, to be able to access the rest of the coop for cleaning/feeding/etc.... but.... with the coop being long, not sure how I'd want to do that... maybe a few doors? or the whole side of each section flip down? or 2 doors per section to flip down? or even open out instead of flip down? I don't really have any idea...

    And...... as far as measurements.... if I have large enough pens for them, can the coop be just a bit smaller? I've heard measurements per bird range from 2ft sq to 4ft sq inside the coop.... I definitely plan to give them plenty of space in the pen, so wondered if the coop itself can be just a bit smaller? maybe 3ft sq per bird? but..... with planning to breed them, I guess there's always the risk of not having all the babies sold and winding up with more chickens than I started with..... so maybe bigger is better...

    Oh, was also thinking it might be good to somehow have the divider removable, the one that goes down the middle splitting it into two sides.... so that if I needed to expand a coop, decided to get more of one breed or whatever....... how difficult do y'all think that would be?

    Geez.... when I take on a project, I like to make it as difficult as I can.... no simple shed or a-frame coop for me..... [​IMG] Well, figured I can think on this idea and get input for a bit, and figure out if it might work out... but with the way this idea's going.... I will have to make something more simple and temporary probably until I get it done.... maybe..... I do get a bit obsessive compulsive and become a workaholic when I've got a project going, so it might get done soon enough [​IMG]

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