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I agree with all the posts saying to talk to a recruiter and see what options are available. You mention being a freshman and discuss majors, so I am assuming college freshman? Join your school's ROTC unit--that will teach you much more about the variety of options available than we can here, even though it is obvious that there are many of us with diverse military backgrounds. I am retired Air Force.

Different services have different objectives and different standards of physical fitness. There are also a number of civilian careers with the military, so those are also an option. You would need to take the civil servant's test for placemnet in those. As was stated above, a stint in the military would give you a leg up there, and as I mentioned earlier, ROTC will give you some ideas of the types of opportunities available, although to a large extent fighting opportunities will be at the forefront. Different colleges have ROTC with different services; some with more than one service, others with only one. Be aware, however, that a commission can be transferred (with large amount of paperwork) from one service to another.

Just about every civilian job has a military counterpart.

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