Mille Fleur Bantam Cochins - Frizzled!


7 Years
Dec 12, 2012
West Virginia
I have for sale one dozen of my mille fleur bantam cochins. My main roo is frizzled and I have been hatching about 50/50 frizzled to smooth ratio of chicks. I have confirmed fertility and have been having hatch rates of 90-100%. Price for one dozen plus extras is $40 plus $15 shipping for a total of $55. Thanks for looking :)
These are so beautiful! I may just have to add some to my flock sometime. I have Bantam Splash Cochins and one LF Black Cochin hen, and all of them are sweetie pies.

Blessings -

~ Aspen
Not sure if these guys are still available but how does shipping work? Ive only purchased locally but no one works with Cochins in my area
I bubble wrap each egg individually and double box! My customers have had really good hatch rates but there's just no guarantee with the way the usps handles packages
My eggs hatched! I am extremely pleased with my hatch. I set 17 eggs. 10 mille fleur cochin frizzles and 7 sizzles that you sent me as extras. 9 frizzles and all 7 sizzles showed development and went into lockdown. Of the 16 fertile eggs 13 hatched!!! 7 frizzles and 6 sizzles. That's a 81% hatch rate. Thanks so much for the wonderful eggs. I was scared to try shipped eggs on my first hatch but this has been a very positive experience. In fact I also set 17 local eggs and only 9 of those hatched. Thanks again!!
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