Mille Fleur D'uccle pairs, b. Val-Day, local pickup only


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Oct 6, 2009
S.W Pennsylvania
I have 6 d'uccles for sale hatched out on Feb. 14, brooded & raised by one of my hens.
The eggs are from a breeder. I'm rehoming 6 of 9. Above are the day-old chicks with their cochin mom.
Below are the chicks the day of this listing, day 12
They are pure d'uccle. Two of the (seeming) cockerels are from a hen with blue mottling. They have blue coloring on saddle & wings.
The chicks will be available for pickup in male-female pairs in a week or as soon as I can distinguish them, or straight run, as soon as this week.

I can meet in the Pittsburgh vicinity, or pickup is fine, 10 mi. N of Pgh.

All my chicks are raised on a 100% organic chick starter feed, with added egg yolk & meal-worm crumbles for fats & protein.

Still with mom here, starting to roost:
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