Milles Fluer Thread!

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  1. This is where we can post pics, discuss, and just talk about Milles fluer patterned chickens!
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  2. Mille Fleur, Haley, Mille Fleur.

    An do you mean just Gold Mille Fleur, or can we thread about Speckled (Red Mille Fleur), Porcelain (Isabel Mille Fleur) Gold Necked (White Mille Fleur), Citron (Lemon Mille Fler) and Silver Porcelain (Silver Mille Fleur) too?
  3. ugh![​IMG] i spelled it that way!! it autocorrected it!!!!!!!!
  4. it won't let me change it!!

  5. Maybe your just editing the initial post. You can't change the title from the post, so you have to go besides the title and you'll see a button that says: 'Edit this thread'. That's where you can change it.

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