Mini Appleyards vs Australian Spotted Versus Campbells


8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
Cottage Grove, Oregon
I have bantam chickens. I decided to go with them for a number of reasons instead of lf. I would like to get two ducks. At first I wanted to get Muscovies...but I am not so sure now. Since I already have dwarf chickens I don't know if I want giant ducks.... As with chickens I think that I need EVERY breed when I am reading about it. But since I only want to get two....or was it three? I was leaning towards the Campbells...because they really aren't that much bigger than my Bantys, right? But I think the Australian Spotted are so get the what are the best and worst things about these breeds? Any advice that might sway me either way?
my drake did mount my chickens, and he was rough too
Hmmm...well I have been going back and forth between just two girls and two girls and a boy...but if I just got two girls...anybody have any thoughts on the breeds?
I've got 10 Australian Spotted ducks and love them, all except for 1 very loud female. I have 6 females and 4 males, and only 1 of the girls is persistently quacking. These are this past Spring's 3 hatchlings, their last year's parents, and the original male and female that I hatched a few years ago. They are great little ducks...beautiful to look at and easy to keep.
I don't know about the other kind of duck...other than the large breeds can kill Banty hens...I had a large Black Swedish drake mount and kill a small black Bantam hen years ago....
I had 2 female khakis, and 1 male khaki. That khaki boy was the sweetest thing ever, it completly KILLED me to sell him. But they went to a great home
he was a sweety.

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