Mini-Blinds being installed TONIGHT!!


In the Brooder
9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Our 2 Dominiques decided to be noisy early today.... I think they wanted snacks... instead of the crumbles we feed them... neither lay yet, but they were letting the world know of their definite presenced! Being underground here.. they are sneek-chicks.. we live in a very populated suburb.. For the most part these girls are super super quiet and awesome.. But today they were something else.. so Hubby is putting up a set of color-coordinated mini-blinds outside their run tonight.. For today we had to hastily throw a tarp over the run.. tacky.. these girls are so dear to us... but I have yukky neighbors.. Doing our best while our city argues over changing limits on feet allowed between coops and residences.. Hope it goes our way..

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