Mini pig breeding quesitons


May 17, 2015
I have two female Juliana mini pigs and a Juliana boar. Both girls are sisters (different mothers but same father) and about the same age. Until recently they have kept the same body build, now one is really getting fat. She isn't growing taller. Just really filling out, stockier and bigger belly. Will try to post pics later but really its hard to tell from the pics. Anyway I know she bred the week of April 1st. I know she was in heat that week. I don't think she has been in heat since, but she still stands for the boar to mount her so I am confused. The boar and the other female are totally not interested in each other. But he follows Penny (the fat one) around like a little lost puppy dog, even gives her belly rubs when she lays down.

So My questions are will they still breed if she is pregnant? And is there any signs that I can look for that indicate pregnancy?

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