Mini Pin & Chihuahua experts - WHAT DO I HAVE? PLEASE HELP!


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
I bought this pup almost 2 years ago and was told she was a Chihuahua... But she looks alot like an undocked an uncropped Miniature Pinscher! To me it wouldn't change the fact I love her to death but I would also like to know the truth on her breed because I already caught the previous owner in a bunch of lies! Princess is about 7lbs. I dont know if you can post pictures on here or not so please forgive the picture links






In some pictures she does look like a undocked/uncropped Miniature Pinscher and in others I see Chihuahua. More then likely she is a cross of the two. She is very pretty!
Ive owned both breeds and am madly in love with them both
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In the 4th picture she really looks chihuahua. In the other pictures I can see resembles of min pin, but I think she's a chihuahua. The can be long and lean like her, others are short and thick like mine. It's possible she has a little min pin mix in her, but I vote chihuahua.
Thanks! Yep, its a paint silkie I hatched last month.

Chihuahuas are total burrowers too. Mine is in the blanket snoring ridiculously loud. Mine is built like a tiny corgi.
I wanted a tiny, low riding type chihuahua but none in my area had a great temperment an with me being pregnant at the time, I needed something calm an sweet.. When we met up with princess' old owner, her little 3 year old daughter kicked her in the side an she just looked at her like "what did I do!?" so that was the deciding factor! My 16 month old LOVES her an will sit on her pappy's lap with princess sitting beside her just petting her head!
She is probably pure chihuahua. I see more of that in her than min pin. How is her temperament? Min pins are very high energy dogs, almost like Jack Russell terriers.

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