Minimal Movement on Left Side of Hen


6 Years
May 1, 2013
Yesterday, I came home to one of my hens laying down in the coop with her left wing spread out and open mouth breathing. When I picked her up she wasn't able to stand. I rushed her to Niles Animal Hospital and the Dr. Pete noticed that she had very minimal movement in both her left wing and left leg. When he touched her right side she would fight him. He took x-rays and there were no fractures. She is still very alert. He has never seen this before and we're hoping that this is an episode that will pass. She is staying at the hospital for another night. I realize that if she can't stand, it's not a fulfilling life for her and the best decision will be to euthanize her. I am hoping for the best, as I am attached to her. Has anyone experienced this situation before?

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