Minimum of 14 Thankful Black Copper Marans (feathered) hatching eggs

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    We have been blessed with some beautiful Black Copper Marans (feathered legs, French standard) we bought as one day olds from Copper King on this board. These are Wade Jeanne line, C-1. All the flock are heavily feathered and produce heavily feathered babies. Our eggs are a beautiful color.

    In appreciation for all that BYC has done for our small farm and the friends we've met, I'm listing at a special price.

    These eggs will ship Monday and payment needs to be received by 10:00 AM EST on Monday in Order to ship in Monday's post.

    Here's a picture of them:


    The price for the eggs and shipping includes selecting, carefully packing, packing materials, priority shipping and confirmation delivery. If extra(s) are available at the time of shipping, I'll include those as well. We only ship within the continental US.

    We ship eggs in the same fashion as we would like to receive them. We bubble wrap each egg separately, putting in a regular box (not an egg carton) which is then cushioned and set in a larger box. These are not the prepaid priority boxes but we use the large boxes that can be ordered through USPS as the standard mailing box. Our mailing costs can often be higher than the prepaid boxes but we find that they arrive in better shape, so it's well worth the extra time, packing materials and shipping costs. Occasionally with a large order, we will use an even larger outside box. Even as carefully as we ship, we cannot guarantee that there will be no breakage in transit. We do not guarantee the percentage of your hatch as the incubators temperature and humidity are very variable. We will provide assistance to you during the hatch and help in every way possible to have the best hatch possible.

    We are a chemical free farm and farm full-time. We feed our animals with the best feed, sprouted grains, fresh grasses, treats from the garden and loving care.

    Please check out our feedback (please scroll to bottom of pages for our more recent feedback)
    We also have feed back in the new system as you'll see above

    We will be continuing to offer the Black Copper Marans hatching eggs through the fall/winter, so please pm me if you are interested and wish to be put on our calendar.

    Thanks and have a blessed, happy and safe Thanksgiving Day and weekend.

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    I was wondering what the reserve is for these (incubator space planning and all that.......)
    Thanks so much!

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