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    A skunk is in the weasel family so yes they are polecats too as are Wolverines
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    Orrock township, Minnesota
    As is the people I rented my house too,, Who BTW were over 50 so not kids,.

    Shooting nuisance bears is seldom or was seldom if ever a problem in the northern areas I lived in. Bragging about it, saving the hide or meat or other things would get people in trouble.

    Lessoning the attractiveness of your area to bears was always preferred.. When I lived in Tofte I was good friends with the Warden there, he was over whelmed with bear calls and encouraged people to take care of their own problems. Now that was 30 some years ago and things have changed, but the "quality" and this is not politically correct of the people went a long ways. If you were a known "outlaw" or shady person, he tended to need more proof the bear was a nuisance and the person was not just shooting the bear for fun.

    Just like with renters, the majority are super people, but the minority can cause so much fiscal damage to people, they have ruined it for the good people. My Wife and I rented when we were first married, we always left a place better than we found it. BUT,,, With hard work we eventually owned 7 rental homes Which we sold in the 90s as they were a pain in my back lower region.

    I sold them after I evicted a guy for not paying rent for 6 months, ( eviction after Oct first will eat up a years rental income. When I went to check the home on Jan 1st I found the guy had left me his Xmas tree on the back steps. IT realy ticked me off, but not as much as when I realized his Xmas tree use to grow in my front yard,,,,(now it is funny, it was not back then)

    Now a bird question. The creamettes and eggs, a continuing theme. I had 2 eggs when I left Minnesota from them on Sunday my wife added eggs to my incubator for me last night. MY order of eggs in was CCL eggs, Turkey eggs, toad eggs. She only had 4 eggs from the creamettes to go in.

    I know Triplell said they were laying good. I am at my wits end. I have done and tired everything. I have changed layer feed, fed game feed, back to layer mash, layer crumbles, wormed, powdered, begged pleaded, Gave them their own personal sunsetter awning. I am starting to believe Minnie was right when she said genetics or inbreeding too closely. (A problem with line breeding) Any suggestions? Do I need to get a different rooster from another line for next year? I hate to do this but I need eggs, as the rooster I have is such a beauty and even I might consider showing one if I got a rooster like him from the girls.

    Any ideas? I have not free ranged them, I am afraid of what Ole would do and act like if they were free. Maybe the thing to do would be to drop Ole off in Proctor as I have the CCL roo for the blue egg gene too.... I think Ole longs to go home....[​IMG]

    Also if I free range I would have to stop hatching their eggs and hatching them is so fun!
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    Ralphie I think that Ole may be a good cross for the local Pheasant population near you. He is aggressive enough to survive and thrive, and his dtrs green eggs would be a nice color in the nest.
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    Ralph thats horrible! My parents would be ticked if I did that much damage!!

    I think I lost most of my eggs in the bator. The temp spiked up and I tried to fix it and I did. And then it dropped down it is sitting at 100 degrees now.
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    Rental property, lots of work. I have a house in Washington that is managed by a professional realty so I know tenants are screened.
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    Apr 16, 2015
    Do chickens eat creeping charlie?
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    Ralphie, that is awful! I hope you served them an eviction notice :(
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    Sorry your beautiful Florida home is trashed Ralphie. Dirty dirty lowdown shame. These people these days are just lazy shmucks. And shm is not my first preference for constanants. They think because they rent they shouldn't take responsibility in the place. When I went to college in Duluth my Dad bought us girls a little house near the college on some inheritance from my grandfathers passing. One summer he thought he'd rent it out while we were out of school for three months. Well he found some "nice" fellers who happened to be Duluth East Hockey players just graduated. We were in town one August day and the lawn was a hayfield and the carpets were party sludge ( beer, mud and god knows what else). A walk in storage had used contraception and puke. He wrote a note and left it on the table that he'd be keeping the damage deposit and to clean up "this hog pen". Old farmer that he is. They did to some degree, but we found remnants of that rental for the next year or so. Lazy Hogs.

    Good to hear from you again Ralphie. Have you thought about putting Bert ole and what's his name in a bachelor pad and allow the creamettes range time? I'm getting about 5-6 eggs each bird during the week.

    Hugs Ralphie and glad to hear from you.
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    [​IMG] You crack me up!!! I don't mean to laugh at you, really, it is a valid question, but if they did, I would have 500 birds free ranging in my yard! It has taken over a huge part of the back yard by the house and into flower beds and EVERYwhere. I wish they did it, and Burdocks too!
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    Ralphie - I gotta ask, what is you want from those Creamettes? Is it blue eggs? Or is the rarity of the breed? With wanting rarity, you are at the mercy of the limits of what they can do for you. If it is blue eggs, find an Ameraucana breeder who gets the shade of eggs you desire. I like my Cochins, but they don't lay a lot, and in the middle of laying season, the dang things go broody at the drop of a hat, THE WHOLE PEN....AT THE SAME TIME. PITAs!!!! or is it PITAes, since that last word would require es? I have purebred Cornish large fowl, and they lay about 100 eggs a year, and they are small eggs, which is ironic since they are such a heavy breed. I like them because of their uniqueness and the challenge they provide me. I accept that neither of those breeds is going to make me rich giving me eggs alone. Let's face it, chickens are never going to make me rich, but that is another subject. So, if you want more blue eggs, there are a few different varieties of Ameraucanas or you could go rare with the Aruancanas and get more of those, and they aren't fickle like your 'mettes. Just something to think about.
    I talked to tripelle about them too and it may just be they are too easily upset with change that they don't produce as well as expected? I don't know. I hope you can sort it out, whatever that means for you.
    There is more than one way to skin a polecat.

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