Miserable chicken


7 Years
Nov 1, 2012
My chicken is very hunched up, miserable and has liquid dripping from her bottom all the time. I have isolated her from the others as I have a hen that likes to peck at the feathers of all the hens. I bathed her bottom with warm water and a few drops of tee tree oil, but she doesn't seem to be improving.PLEASE HELP.
Tea tree oil is toxic if ingested, so please don't use it on animals. They ingest it when they groom themselves.
Bird's age and laying history?
The fluid that is leaking from her- Clear or white? Thin or clotted? Smells like?
Any eggs being laid? Lost any weight? Swollen belly or not? Any egg matter coming out at any time in the past?
Is she able to walk? Anything unusual about her gait?
I have the same problem - a hen has a white discharge coming from her vent and she just lays around while the other hens are busy looking for bugs. She no longer wants out of the hen house. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also have another hen that constantly scratches and is losing feathers around her head - i dusted all the chickens yesterday with DE. Should I use something else??
Thanks for your reply. She is less than six months of age and has been laying every day until yesterday, the fluid is clear. I have given her a warm soak to try and ease her backend but only using warm soapy water, I noted your comment about tee tree oil (thank you for that advice) she is walking around and pecking at the grass but she isn't scratching for food. Today there is poo around her bottom. She doesn't appear to have a swollen belly. She has been a very good layer from the time she was old enough to lay and we have never had any signs of undeveloped eggs. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. I do tend to get emotionally involved with all the animals and would be mortified if I thought I had done something wrong

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