Missed Lockdown, Hatching Humidity for Muscovy Ducks?


9 Years
Jan 7, 2011
Oklahoma City
Okay, I had a mama muscovy duck abandon her nest (long story, she had a good reason, poor thing). Anyway. I dithered around and couldn't decide if I wanted to try to save the eggs or not, or if I thought they'd have a chance. Ended up getting an LG incubator and popped them in there. The clutch was due June 2, but eggs kept getting added all through the first couple weeks till I figured it out, so I didn't have any clue when these would hatch. I decided to candle tonight to see if I could figure out when they might be ready to hatch. I found four of the five ducklings have their little bills into the air cells already. The fifth egg is cracked, so probably won't make it. Anyway, um, it seems I've missed lockdown and they've been turned a lot. I just raised the humidty. It's been hanging at 60% since I brought them in last week. Should it be 80% now? Would appreciate any advice.

I keep my BEI eggs the last few days at 70-75%, but I have never owned Muscovy ducks, so I'm not sure. Good Luck.

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