Missing feathers and red, irritated skin?? (Pictures attached)

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  1. TEvans10

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    Jun 13, 2010
    Howdy All - I'm new to the forum and hope you can help me with an ongoing problem

    Reference the pictures below, one of my RIR hens has (for some time) lost most of the feathers on her lower belly. The skin is constantly irritated. I thought is would be a temporary condition but has gone on for a number of months.

    1) Appears healthy other than this problem
    2) Eats, lays, and acts normal
    3) approximately 15 months old
    4) feathers been missing for upward of 6 months (not related to molt)
    5) She is one of 4 adults hens (she is the only one with these symptoms)


    Any ideas, suggestions, and/or help is appreciated?

    Thanks - Todd
  2. Crack N' Egg

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    Jul 29, 2009
    Flemington, NJ
    Sorry I'm no help, but I am very curious as to what the responses will say. I have a RIR hen that is about a year and she has feathers missing from her vent down under her belly and it is red and irritated too. She's eating, laying and free ranging with the rest of the 13 hens I have. She is the only one with these symptoms as well.

    Must a be a RIR thing![​IMG]

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