Missing feathers on front of the neck (not molting and no roo's) and bulge on the lower breast

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    May 20, 2012
    My two black sex links are missing feathers on the front of their necks. One is missing them right under where their ears are under the waddles and around the other side. Only about 1.5" or 2" square area of complete feather loss. Haven't looked super closely to see if I can see bugs yet but I'm wondering if it would be anything else??

    The other bsl is missing feathers a bit lower on her neck, in a strip about 3.5" long by about 1" wide and also seems to have a bulge on her lower chest as well. It's off to one side a bit. Am I looking at a crop issue with her? Maybe the feather loss is from scratching the area that feels irritated by her crop?? We did just mow the lawn saturday so I'm wondering if maybe she got a clump of grass stuck in there.

    Another question- my red sex link looks kind of disheveled?? She's one of the best layers- I'm wondering if she's just scrappy looking or if I should be worried about some down sticking out places.

    If I find bugs what treats it? product advice as well as timing, application, etc would be helpful. The easier the process the better because my sweet 2 mo old baby boy is a little more demanding at this point ;)


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