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Mar 23, 2012
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This really sucks-
I put 2 smaller sized polish chickens in my coop with older chickens, and I guess that was a huge mistake! When I went to feed a couple days ago, one of the smaller chickens was missing a leg. There was not much blood, just a little dried on the feathers around the stump.

I am guessing that my young BCM roo snapped it off. I thought that it would be ok to put them in there, because the other chickens are not much older, but I guess I was very wrong. I never found the leg, and really don't know what to do. The little chicken seems ok for the most part. It is eating and drinking, and seems to be getting around well enough on the one leg
It is even 'playing' with its sibling, chest bumping and all.
OMG, I feel so stupid.......

Should I cull this little chicken or just leave it alone? I don't know what is best for the chicken, and I don't want it to suffer. I did remove it immediately, along with its sibling, and now I guess I need to have DH build a small coop and run somewhere, there is no way I am going to put them back in there!

Any opinions? Hard lesson , I guess.
We were calling the 2 Fric and Frac, but DH re-named the one Pogo
I'm sorry that happened :(. We all make mistakes don't worry. I put a millie flure in with some quail and he nearly killed one... even though it's a tough situation it's a learning experience. I don't think you will need to cull him if he is doing alright. Last year I went to a fair and someone brought a one legged guinea and it seemed totally fine. Another possibility could be something grabbed it through the fence and pulled his leg off. Either way I think you are doing the right thing good luck with the little guy.
I'm so sorry! Wow, integrating new chicks is tricky stuff. I'm dealing with that right now as well. Everyone has all their limbs, but they seem to be trading off their germs with each other, which is no fun either.

Don't have any experience with lost limbs, but just wanted to give you a little support as you figure out your next step.
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A bird with one leg will not have any real quality of life. I would cull.

I am sorry.
It depends in my opinion. I have met dogs that can only use 2 legs and they still have a happy life. If it is able to feed and water its self with out assistance I think there is no reason. I had a silkie hen I rescued from someone with a usless deformed leg and she was happy as a clam. The only time I had to help her was going up the ramp into the coop at night. Sometimes she could even get in by herself. If it is unable to adapt to not having the other leg then I would cull. If he is happy and healthy then he will just be the pogo leg chicken :).
He's young enough to never really know life with more than one leg, I'd let him ride for awhile and see how he/she manages. Most likely she'll be alright

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