Mistake in food? Birds seem thin.

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    Aug 9, 2017
    Thank you everyone for your advice!

    I don't think it's coccidiosis since they don't have any other symptoms other than being skinny. They're very active, most of them lay an egg every day and I've never seen blood in their poop or any of the other signs.

    I probably should have also specified that I do give them grit, I just don't count that as a treat. They don't get it free-choice anymore because they were eating it like candy (probably a timing/quantity error on my part) so I sprinkle some around every other day. I have oyster shells but don't offer it to them anymore because they always get calcium deposits on their eggs and the shells get uneven when I do. I think their food has enough calcium for them at this time.

    I switched to giving them treats in the late afternoon/evening instead of first thing in the morning and it seems like it's helping already with their food intake. I'm needing to fill their feeder more often.

    I am really intrigued by your post though because they do that. I make it about one step out the door before I'm instantly surrounded by a bunch of eager-looking birds. I always kind of assumed it was just because the're pretty friendly and were used to getting too many treats (My dad usually swings by to check on them during the day and I think he was guilty of this too). I've never owned chickens before this though so I'm still learning what's normal and what isn't. Can I ask what the extra rations and protein were that you gave them?
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    If you often come with treats, they will absolutely mob you for treats, too - it doesn’t mean they are starving. If your feed is high quality, been stores cool and dry and is no older than 6 weeks, they will not starve themselves in front of a full feeder...
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