Mites & lice & ivermectin


Aug 30, 2020
Newcastle NSW Australia
So over the past 6 months I have had ridiculous bad luck with anything that nibbles. My pekin bantam flock have been battling mites for about 2 weeks. I just saw a couple of lice on my roo. Plus the neighbours chicken eating cat but thats another story. For the mites I've cleansed their coop, given them ivermectin orally, used pestene powder on them and mixed it with DE for where they dirt bathe. Flipping nightmare and while it's cut down the mites, they're just not leaving completely. I put DE and pestene down almost daily. I'm just wondering how often I can give them ivermectin? I dont eat their eggs so thats not a major concern at this point. I just don't want to kill them with it 😂 any tips?
Check the dosing info in this LINK to make sure you are giving it correctly. You can repeat the Ivermectin in 14 days.
Personally, if the Ivermectin doesn't take care of it in the 2 doses, then I would not give more, but I'm sure others would - up to you.

DE is not an effective treatment for an active infestation.
You may need to source some Permethrin or Spinosad (Elector PSP) to treat your coop. Are you removing all bedding and treating all surfaces?

Some use Frontline Spray and Sevin dust to treat their birds. Since you don't eat the eggs - that's something you may consider to use if you have these available in AU.

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