Jun 26, 2016
I think I saw mites in my barnevelder hen! They were small and yellow. I also saw what looked like larvae. I saw them on her thighs, near her eyes, her earlobes, and her vent. I covered her feathers, dust bath, and nesting boxes in diatomaceous earth. I am planning on giving her a warm bath with some pet shampoo. Would that do the trick? She is new, and I was planning on introducing her to the flock tonight on the roost....But now I am not so sure. The problem is I do not have anywhere else for her to sleep. Please help! How do I get rid of them? Where can she sleep?
Thank you SO much.
Do not put her in when your other chickens unless you want them ALL to get the mites.

Do you have a wire dog cage handy?
UPDATE: I set her in the bath with some orange scented soap and I saw a LOT of mites drift off of her, dead. There are probably still a few. I was holding her in the sun and I felt a few crawl up my arm, so I squished every one I felt or found on her. There are probably more though. Will a dog crate with a blanket over it work as a sleeping place? Will it keep her warm enough? I am going to give her another bath tomorrow, just in case.
Try garlic spray, fill an old spray bottle with water, you will need, 10 ounces of water, 1 ounce of garlic juice/powder, and one tsp. Of essential oil such as lavender cinnamon, thyme or basil, shake the bottle up and down.
Spray the whole body of your chicken, lift up the feathers and spray under there.
Hope this helps!
Seven dust in a panty hose powder puff. Ivermectin (a few drops on the skin under the neck feathers). From then on frontline spray under each wing and around vent, 1 squirt each every 3-4 months or so. Sound like lice and not mites though. Will work for all of them.

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