mixed eggs combo forsale ut


12 Years
Mar 5, 2007
my hens are laying good. and i hate to eat all the eggs, i've hatched 2 batches out and got some colorful chicks. the price will be $14.00 for a dozen and that includes a shipping or half dozen for $10.00.

The standard birds i have are: roosters: Houdon,turken,BO. hens:buff polish,couple mixed polish,silkie,white rock,barred rock mix. bantams: roosters arucana,blue rose comb,partridge cochin,dutch,bb red. hens: white cochin,goldenlace,partridge, bb red,splash rose comb,dutch,arucana,EE,and mixes.

my bantams are not laying that good so most the eggs you will get will be standards.

I only take money orders or cashier checks. heres some pic's of my flock.


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