Mixed Pullets/Cockrals/Easter Eggers/Wyandottes

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    Up for auction are 2 easter eggers hatched between July 10 and 24th, not sure of sex but older one seems so far to be a pullet. Photo of Dad posted on my byc page. They were hatched out of an incubator and parents are all in a coupe, so there is no question about them being pure EE.

    All of the rest listed are pet/laying/meat quality birds and should not be used for breeding.

    There are several mixed chicks hatched between July 3 and Aug 6 - The father of all is a rogue roo that got into the yard - a blue cochin bantam/wyandotte mix -
    3 buff with blue colored pullets - Mom is an easter egger - photo of mom and one chick posted on my byc page.
    1 blue chick, 1 black pullet and 1 black cockrel -Mom is a blue cochin bantam hen.

    Also are two black & white speckled wyandotte cockrels, hatched May 8 and mid July (photo of older one posted on my byc page) - Most likely dad is my BLRsplash for the older one (though I can't be 100% sure but he does not look like the rogue roo at all) but the younger one has leg feathers so I suspect that dad is the rogue roo. For sure the mom(s) is/are a silver laced wyandotte BUT the moms are not typy, don't have good lacing and are from the feed store, so the the cockrals are not breeding quality though they would be nice yard ornaments. Photo of parents can be seen on my BYC page.

    Photos of all the chicks are up on my BYC page through a link. Pick up only or I will meet you part way depending on how far. I live in the Palm Springs area.
    Price negotiable. I don't mind if the birds become meat, I just can't do it myself; they DO need to have a decent life before they become dinner.
    PM me, I WILL get back to you but it may take a day, if I don't get back to you I didn't get the PM.
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