Mixing adults Peking and Rouens


5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
I have 3 Rouen ducks(2 male, 1 female) and 1 female Peking duck. They are all >1 year old. There is a very lonely looking adult Peking duck near my work place and I feel really bad for him(his tail feathers are curled up). He will come to my car and you can tell he really wants a friend. If I bring him home, will my other drakes attack him? I think he'd make a great addition to our home, but I don't know if you can mix ducks after they're already adults. Any advice would be appreciated.
Yes, you can mix them but they might fight, I would also reccomend that you get some more hens so the drakes don't over breed the hens and stress them.
Thank you. Do you know of a drake normally "ages out" of interest in breeding? This new duck that I want to add looks pretty old, but the only thing I have to judge by is his feet. Do you know how to tell how old an adult is(approx)?
I have some ducks that the original owner said that they are a mix breed of Rouen and Peking and what would thought as the "male" is Black with a tint of green over its feathers but they are tinier than the "females" which are a dull brown color. Is it possible that the males are not the flashy ones and are the big dull colored ones?
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